Friday, February 16, 2007

Arnotts Emporio Cafe selection


I've tried a few of Arnotts's Emporio Cafe selection. My favourite is definitely the Melting Moments. I really like that melting buttery crumbly and thick biscuit base and the sweet passionfruit crunch.

Rating - 7.5


Like they say, just like the ones from the cafe really. Maybe a bit more yellow, but otherwise superb. The packaging is pretty nifty too.

Rating - 2.5


They are fairly exy compared to your run of the mill "family" biscuits, but they are cheaper than going to the cafe I suppose.

Rating - 1

Swiss Points - 11


wheat flour, sugar, butter, vegetable oil, milk solids, salt, natural flavouring, emulsifier, food acid, colours

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Supermarkets everywhere

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