Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cha Cha Moon 2

I had always wanted to come back to see if my judgement of Cha Cha Moon still hold true. I think it is now suffering from a case of over popularity, as the quality has decreased, while the prices has increased.


XO Vermicelli (£4) - Prawn, choi sum, XO sauce, rice vermicelli was slightly hot, but the noodles were soggy and uninspiring. 4 solitary prawns is the only other ingredient served up. Singapore Char Kway Teow (£3.50) - Chinese salami, fish cake, clam, Chinese chive, beansprout, egg, ho fun was very stingy. A very small plate of the wok-breathed, soy sauce noodle only made you want more Chinese, preferably at a real Chinese restaurant, where you can choose from more than 2 dishes of flat noodles. Taiwan Beef Noodle (£4.50) - braised beef, mooli, preserved cabbage, mustard green, wonton noodle had a generous amount of bitey noodle, passable pieces of braised beef and a simple soup makes this the best dish of the day.

Rating - 5.5


Let’s just say this. I can’t believe that I trekked for 15 minutes to come here, and then had the privilege of lining up for 30 minutes to get a seat. The line was so long it went out the door and down the street. It meant the atmosphere was great though, with many people coming and going.

Rating - 1.5


The usual Asians waiters with their purple t-shirts. Rude but efficient.

Rating - 2


Well, the prices are no longer £3.50, making it not that worthwhile.

Rating - 0

Brownie Points - 9

15 - 21Ganton Street
Phone +44 (0) 20 7297 9800

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